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Established in Hong Kong in 1972, we have investments across Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore and the US. Adhering to our core values of integrity, originality, long-term focus and quality, we aim to create sustained value by developing and managing large-scale mixed-use projects that serve as focal points of the surrounding urban areas. Swire Properties was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 2012 (Stock Code: 1972).

Creative Transformation captures what we do and how we do it. It underlines the creative mindset and long-term approach that enables us to seek out new perspectives, and original thinking that goes beyond the conventional. It also encapsulates our ability to unlock the potential of places and create vibrant destinations that can engender further growth and create sustainable value for our stakeholders.

Our Vision and Values

Swire Properties represents the master brand comprising a diverse portfolio of reputable sub-brands and businesses. Though each may have its own unique character, product and service, all of the sub brands carry Swire Properties’ stamp of creativity, and have adopted its long-term approach and attention to detail. These common threads can be found throughout the design and planning stages of our projects, all the way through to execution and completion, and in our property management thereafter.

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