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Hotels and Restaurants

Ensconced within Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, The Temple House is the third property in Swire Hotels’ House Collective, comprising 100 guest rooms and 42 adjoining serviced apartments. Designed by the internationally renowned London-based firm Make Architects, The Temple House combines modern design with the traditional Chengdu architectural elements of timber, brick and step stones. Elegant bamboo trees frame the hotel’s entrance, which is set in a beautifully restored hundred-year-old Chinese courtyard building and juxtaposed by the elegant modernity of the rooms and residences.

At a Glance

Guest Rooms

100 guest rooms, including studios, suites and a penthouse, as well as 42 serviced apartments

Recreational Facilities

Urban day spa, indoor pool and gym


A restaurant, a café, a bar and a teahouse


The House Collective

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