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Taikoo Place, already recognised as one of Hong Kong’s best-planned business hubs, currently offers around 6.5 million sq ft of prime, state-of-the-art commercial space for local and multinational corporations. The exciting Taikoo Place redevelopment project currently underway involves the redevelopment of three techno-centres – Somerset House, Cornwall House and Warwick House – into two new Grade-A office buildings offering 2 million sq ft of office space. Another highlight is the introduction of “Taikoo Square” and “Taikoo Garden”, designed by award-winning London-based landscape architectural practice Gustafson Porter. The two gardens, comprising a collection of lush greenery, will provide 69,000 sq ft of open space - equivalent in size to Statue Square in Central - for the enjoyment of the community. 

At a Glance

Expected size

2 million sq ft

Notable features

Two new landscaped gardens, “Taikoo Square” and “Taikoo Garden”, of approximately 69,000 sq ft

New buildings

Two triple Grade-A office towers, ‘One Taikoo Place’ and ‘Two Taikoo Place’, each spanning a total GFA of 1 million sq ft


Adjacent to a wide range of cosmopolitan business and leisure amenities 

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