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Our employees are our most valuable asset and their contributions are critical to our success. We pursue this strategic pillar through the following focus areas: talent attraction; talent retention, safety, health and well-being; diversity and inclusion; and volunteering.

We value teamwork and an open culture, and we encourage our employees to engage with one another and with the wider community through interdepartmental activities and volunteer initiatives. The Community Ambassador Programme, an employee-led volunteer initiative, organises activities to make a difference to our communities. And through nominations made by our employees, the Community Caring Fund is able to provide support to lesser-known NGOs and charity projects.

Focus Areas

Talent Attraction
  • Employer Branding
  • Recruitment Process
  • Compensation & Benefits
Talent Retention
  • Learning & Development
  • Incentive Structure
  • Performance Development Review
  • Working Environment
Health, Safety & Wellbeing
  • Safety Performance
  • Health & Wellness Programmes/Metrics
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Safety Culture & Training

Diversity & Inclusion
  • Policy, Strategy & Governance
  • Disclosure
  • Culture & Employee Education
  • Community Ambassador Programme
  • Community Caring Fund
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